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Omega x Swatch: MoonSwatch.

Updated: Apr 10

Moonswatch image

Omega and Swatch just dropped the most exhilarating and exciting watch collaboration on the market! I never wanted a watch since about the year 2000, but now I can't wait to get my hands on one.

The most affordable Omega ever

In a partnership between Omega and Swatch, the two brands have just dropped the MoonSwatch - it is essentially an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch injected with plenty of Swatchness in a whimsical, colourful and accessible way. Drawing from space as inspiration for their collection of 11 different watches named after planetary bodies (from sun at centre to dwarf planet at edge), these timepieces will be available online soon!

Until then check out these MoonSwatches available on Ebay!

The MoonSwatch has a different mission statement for each of the 11 planetary objects in our solar system. There are funky and colorful variations with blue, pink, and mint green (Earth), cream and pink (Venus), as well as other conservative versions like Mission to Moon which is closest to the original design of Speedmaster watches. Some make reference to other iconic models such as Mission to Mars which come in red with white hands that pay tribute Omega’s Alaska Project timepieces.

Who knew you could make watches exciting again!


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